Acerca de Conduit

Conduit is a specialised Strategy, Communications and Reputation consultancy. We excel in assignments that require a clear understanding of a client’s business imperatives, a profound knowledge of the Spanish environment and the ability to navigate the country’s often complex socio-political scene

The firm was founded in early 2006 by Carlos Lareau, one of Spain’s most respected and truly international Communications strategists.

We call our work market engineering because we understand that communications are an important business-management tool, although not the only one. To achieve results, a company’s communications must be structured, focused and efficient. But they must also be totally aligned with the rest of the organisation’s corporate and commercial activities.

Conduit’s consultants have a long and demonstrable track record in designing and implementing strategies aimed at disseminating information, influencing opinions, and developing perceptions that support client needs. Like the blueprint of an engineering project, our work takes shape by surveying the territory and engaging in detailed planning. It then comes to life through meticulous implementation – on time and on budget.

We are not just about getting our clients into (or out of) the media. We recognise efficient Media Relations as one of many conduits that lead to access, credibility and relevance where they really count: with consumers, opinion leaders, social agents, political decision-makers… – the audiences most critical to the needs and success of our clients.